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Dr. Vincent Fogliati & Roger Joyce

If you have ever found yourself obsessively stockpiling and poring over books about 'how to write' instead of knuckling down and writing, then writeitnow is the book for you. writeitnow is not about how to write, but how to show up to the page consistently and to go boldly towards your writing dreams.

writeitnow will not conquer your fears, rid you of your anxiety, abolish your doubts or replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. This book won’t exorcise your writing demons, but it will teach you how to make peace with them, how to let go of the struggle with them so that you are free to write.

writeitnow will help you write whatever you want to write: a novel or short story a blog or manuscript or work of non-fiction. writeitnow is not about the content of writing but about the habit and the process of writing. There is no work of writing to which theprinciples of writeitnow do not apply.

If you are a storyteller, this book is for you. If you are a writer of any other ilk, you might well find strategies and principles in the coming chapters that will help you create the work closest to your heart.
writeitnow is itself a kind of story, a piece of narrative nonfiction told live as its action unfolds. It is the story of your writing journey from this moment forward, the story of how you become the writer you want to be.

Dr. Vincent Fogliati is a clinical psychologist. He works with scores of clients – among them artists, academics, and writers – struggling with fear of failure and procrastination. Vincent uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which forms the primary theoretical foundations for writeitnow. Unlike other psychological approaches, ACT is less concerned with the question, ‘How do I make my pain go away?’ and invites us instead to ask, ‘How do I, in the face of pain, keep moving toward the life I most want?’ This paradigm shift provides a powerful source of resolve and motivation for taking on meaningful challenges that are inherently painful and challenging, like starting a family, changing career, or writing that novel or screenplay.

Roger and Vincent first met at a writing workshop, 

 kept in touch, and years later Vincent shared with Roger an idea that he’d been brewing, of a writer and psychologist teaming up to share strategies for overcoming writer’s block. 



writeitnow will be published in 2025

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