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The Reverend Bill Crews


The Reverend Bill Crews doesn't want this to be his last will and testament, but he's worried that it will be.

Two years on since the writing of his first book "Twelve Rules for a Living a Better Life", the Rev is deeply concerned.

"All of us vowed that we would be different on the other side of the pandemic, but are we?" The Rev has been picking up on the dangerous trends that prevail in society: the economy take precedent over equality, money meaning more than medicine, political bullshit crowding out personal bravery, and society as a whole turning to the mantra of what's in it for me rather than what can I do for you?

There is a vacuum of inspiring leaders to look to. Bill Crews is prepared to step into that space and break the silence of the seemingly magic circle that holds us all in its trance with its false idols and hollow aspirations. "We are walking through life paralysed by fear, worshipping that which fails us every time; there is a different way."

In Real Magic, the Reverend Bill Crews pulls back the curtain on the dubious magic that has hypnotised us for too long, and will open our eyes to the real stuff, the magnificent magic that is right in front of us if we care to turn away from the tricksters, the tricks and the trickery.

"The Real Magic" by the Reverend Bill Crews with Roger Joyce,

To be published October 2024

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The Real Magic

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