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The Reverend Bill Crews


What really matters in life?

"It really matters to me that I get these thoughts out." The Rev's first book, 'Twelve Rules for Living a Better Life', was a very personal story. It was his life chronologically, with a few ideas about living thrown in. The second book - 'The Real Magic' - is about the thematic idea of created magic versus real magic; you'll have to read it to find out what that means. This time around something else is getting to him, gnawing away. He's asking himself, what really matters to him? The Reverend Bill hopes that what matters to him, matters to you too or maybe it'll prompt you to think about what matters?

It's important to the Rev that life's moments - great or small - don't go unnoticed. "I think there's something vital about recognising what matters to somebody."

Whether it's challenging the very beginnings of the universe or making the world a better place so that no little child is frightened, the Rev tackles these equally complex and compelling topics with his usual ferocity and outspokenness.

Much has caught the Rev's attention of late. Even whilst vitally attending to the urgent needs of the person in front of him, the important bigger issues of the world have not escaped his attention. At times angry, saddened, scared and frustrated by what he sees,

'What Really Matters' is a call-to-arms from the Rev, to himself and to all of us.

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What Really Matters

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