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John Brogden and Others


Every day in Australia, 9 people will take their lives. On 30th August 2005, the Leader of the NSW Opposition, John Brogden, came very close to adding his name to this tragic number. Whilst still in office, John Brogden had a highly publicised suicide attempt that saw the curtain come down on his political career. However, this was only the first act of a life story that has seen John change vocational lanes to become President of Lifeline International and a passionate spokesperson on all issues mental health, in particular the subject of surviving suicide.

People are very willing to publicly talk about intimate and life-threatening health issues and safe enough to reveal participation in recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism. Yet the stigma of a suicide attempt has prevented most from telling their story. This is one of, if not THE, last great storytelling taboos: "...the day I tried to..."

For 'Profiles in Hope', John Brogden has asked a bunch of Australians to join him and tell their story. Some will need no introduction, they're household names. Others - like Pat, a divorced, middle-aged mother from South-West Sydney, you'll meet through the pages of this book. Known or unknown, they all share a powerful life experience in common, the experience of contemplating ending their own life yet coming out the other side."

It's a challenging topic, but never have we been more in need of a book like this.

To be published November 2024
"Profiles of Hope" by John Brogden, with Others Hachette

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Profiles in Hope

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John Brogden

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