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Mark Bouris

"To everyone who's grabbed a copy of RISE, I'm truly grateful, and I'm also really proud. Not proud of myself but for all of you.

People out there like to say that us Aussies are afraid to stand up and have a crack. That we're more comfortable sitting on the sidelines rather than standing up and letting our voices be heard.

Part of the reason I wrote RISE was to challenge that assumption. I wanted to challenge the idea that we're content, comfortable people. Because we're not.

If you're an entrepreneur, business owner, leader, manager, or just someone with a big idea, RISE was written for you. It's about how we can all stare a challenge in the face, conquer it, and emerge stronger than before. It's about how we can come together as a community to conquer our collective challenges, and knock them the fuck out.

The reason I'm proud is because so many people agree with me. Everyone who's picked up a copy and landed us on the National Bestseller list has shown that us Australians are not the kind of people who stand to the side.

We're the kind of people who stand up and fight. We're the kind of people who RISE."


"It’s a deliberate sweary (it forces people to take notice) guide to getting ahead the Mark Bouris way, which involves a lot of old-fashioned hard work and zero tolerance for bullshit."

Stephen Brook

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