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TVC Treatments

• 24-hour turnaround


• rapid response to notes


• I cover what you need covering:                        introduction, tone, story, talent & casting,

locations, sound & music, editing & post-          production, wardrobe, hair & make-up,              cinematography, conclusion


• Treatments written from scratch or from          notes, scripts, animatics and storyboards


• everything handled by phone, email, Zoom,      Skype


• local and international briefs handled


Clients include:


PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Film Graphics, Heckler, Sergeant Major, Chimney (Singapore), The Producers, Taxi Film Production, Helium Film, Compass Production (South Korea), Buddy Films, Brilliant Films, Resolution Design, Plaza Films, Guilty, +Ape


PRODUCERS: Anna Fawcett, Tony Choi, Kim Kirby, Will Alexander, Charu Menon, Cat Terracini, Ashley McLeod, Camilla Andersen, Victoria Conners, Andrew Wareham, Paige McLaren, Chris Klockner, Susan Walker, Stephanie Ceccaldi, Chris Hemmings, Richard Halstead, Amy Jarman, Luca Ionescu, Peter Masterton, Jason Byrne


DIRECTORS: Nick Robertson, Alex Weight, David Deneen, Ernest Desumbila, Bugsy Riverbank Steel, John O’Hagan, Sophia Banks, Scott Hicks, Daniel Börjesson, Harry Sanna, Paul Middleditch, Tony Rogers, Carl J. Sorheim, Clare Plueckhahn, Dom Allen, Chris Tovo

Sample Treatments:
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