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Profiles in Hope

John Brogden and Others


Sixteen Australians tell their stories of surviving suicide and finding the way back to a better life. 

In Profiles in Hope, John Brogden is shattering the wall of silence and shame around suicide. And, to help him, he has gathered together some incredible Australians to tell their stories of suicide survival. With contributions from James Packer, Ian Thorpe, Jacquie Lambie, Layne Beachley, Preston Campbell and so many powerful stories of Aussies who came through to the other side, these deeply personal accounts of survival, recovery and lives of purpose are a balm to vulnerability, and a beacon of light to those struggling. This book is for those at risk and the people who love them and don't know how to help. 


I'm your Ghost. 
I interview you.
I turn your answers into prose.
Here and there I'll add linking passages imitating your voice.
I write your story for you.

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